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Refugee Family Reunification Trust

About Us

The Refugee Family Reunification Trust is a Charitable Trust incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 and registered under the Charities Act 2005.

We help refugees to pay for the costs of:

Since the Trust was established, we have raised more than $1,700,000 for refugees, and not a single dollar of donations has been used to generate this income. We do not pay for advertising, fundraisers, salaries or rent – so that 100% of donations can be given to refugees. No remuneration is paid to the Trustees. Seperate funding is obtained specifically for necessary administration costs, and we are able to keep these costs to a bare minimum due to the Trust's reliance on unpaid volunteers – even this website has been designed at no cost to the Trust. The Trust does not receive any government funding.



Cardinal Thomas Williams
Dame Fiona Kidman
Niborom Young
Kim Hill


Amanda Calder - A qualified lawyer, with extensive experience as a refugee advocate
Therese O'Connell - Artist and respected former community worker
Ismail Ibrahim - Former refugee with experience in the public sector
Brigid Feehan - A qualified lawyer, with experience in the public sector
Philippa Meachen - A qualified lawyer, with experience in the community sector